Jack Daniels: The Flame

Arnold Worldwide teamed up with Mill+ to launch 'The Flame' for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire.

The spot sets the stage for the brand's newest flavor offering by personifying a fierce combination of liquid and fire with a mind of its own. The audience travels through a swift path of pipes and vats of a dark distillery as the element decides for itself where it'll twist, turn and halt.

Agency: Arnold Worldwide
Producer: Lisa Sulda, Benjamin Ouellette
Assistant Producer: Daran Brossard
Senior Vice President: Andy Clarke
Senior Copywriter: Patrick Huguenin
Senior Art Director: Daran Brossard
Executive Creative Director: Wade Devers
Senior Vice President Group Marketing Director: Emily Brooks
Senior Marketing Producer: Nicolle Fagan
Production: Mill+
Director: Paul Mitchell
Art Director: Eugene Gauran
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Producer: Richard Berman
Director of Photography: Eric Trehml
Production Supervisor: Mark Aran
Commercial Production Coordinator: Jessica Osborne
Record Company: Skyrmish, Soundtrack Group Boston
Previsualization: Pepe Valencia (BARABOOM! Studios)
Production Services: Smoothworld
Editor: Victor Jory
Edit Assist: Ron Lubin

VFX & Design
VFX & Design: The Mill
Executive Producer: Kim Wildenburg
Senior Producer: Chris Harlowe
Shoot Supervisors: Chris Knight, Josh Hatton
Creative Directors: Paul Mitchell, Chris Knight
2D Lead Artist: Chris Knight
3D Lead Artist: Josh Hatton
2D Artists: Victor Duncan, Eugene Gauran, Antony Petitti, Gareth Parr, Don Kim
3D Artists: Koen Vroeijenstijn, Richard Fallat, Jenna Kind, Steve Blakey, Martin Rivera, Steven Olson, Katie Yancey, Monique Espinoza
Design Artists: Justin Sucara, Kiva Singh, Luke Kraman, Clare Carrellas, Josh Wiesenfeld
Matte Painting: Ed Laag
Art Support: Brett Lopinsky, Jeff Langlois, Kelsey Napier, Laurence Konishi, Matt Dobrez
Production Coordinator: Karina Ford