Eugene Gauran is the VFX Art Director of The Mill, Los Angeles.


Eugene Gauran's body of work spans the gamut.  With over 12 years of experience, his introduction to the field began with a true love for design and animation, establishing a real connection with timing and rhythm and how best to choreograph visuals to create a full experience.  Paired with a meticulous attention to detail, he ensures that each project and its finest details all contribute to the whole.  The realization that a strong footing in design leads to a better understanding of how impactful a well-composed shot can be when it comes to telling a story for the client. 

As a concept artist and art director, he works closely with directors to bring their ideas to life.  He also applies his own mark to his personal directorial work.  The true value of collaboration is never lost, from establishing a true bond with the client and most importantly with the teams that he works with.  His hands-on approach is especially unique in the fact that the output is a real extension of his vision.